Pastilles without sugar,
natural flavor

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K&R, the commitment of
« pleasure and health »

After several years of experience and leadership in the traditional confectionery sector in Tunisia, the company Les Laboratories K&R is born as a new vision in the sector, o_ering "Healthy" and gourmet products.

The first tablets, with refreshing, delicious and natural tastes, were born in Tunisia in 2018 under the name of VIO, offering children and adults a variety of the most innovative tastes.

All our products are sugar-free, color-free, containing only natural flavors or essential oils and are sweetened only with stevia extract. Pleasure and well-being finally found the best combination thanks to the VIO tablets.

k&r,Pastilles sans sucre, arôme naturel
k&r, Sugar-free lozenges, natural flavor

K&R, notre priorité,
la Qualité

La société K&R se procure d’une sélection raffinée d’ingrédients, d’arômes naturels et d’huiles essentielles de la part d’enseignes internationales de grande renommée afin d’assurer les meilleures recettes de gôut et de fraîcheur naturelle.

Notre qualité supérieure s’aligne avec les standards internationaux les plus exigeants.

k&r,Pastilles sans sucre, arôme naturel
k&r, Sugar-free lozenges, natural flavor
Vio, le plaisir et le bien-être ont finalement trouvé le meilleur compromis
  • VIO kids,Pastilles sans sucre, arôme naturel
    Pleasure and health for children
  • VIO frsh,Pastilles sans sucre, arôme naturel
    A wonderful assortment of fruit and mint
  • Vio extra,Pastilles sans sucre, arôme naturel
    Nature in all its strengths
k&r, Sugar-free lozenges, natural flavor

K&R, your partner
in the market

Sugar free Natural taste candies,Pastilles sans sucre, arôme naturel

Laboratories K&R offer you all their expertise to produce your own brand.Whatever your destination is, we have the opportunity to provide you with products, meeting the highest quality requirements and with very competitive rate.